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Services for Licensee and Manufacturers

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Core Competencies

Product Development

  • License acquisition and negotiation

  • Design, packaging and production

Product Merchandising​

  • Packaging design and production

  • Display and retail visuals

  • Automated team specific materials

Insight and Analytics​

  • Pricing and margin analysis

Distribution Strategy​

  • DTC and B2B analysis

  • Key partner relationships

Product Sales and Marketing​

  • Sales team training

  • Complete Marketing

  • Website development


  • Market penetration

  • Best practice User Experience



Creating product line opportunities is unique to each line, and still there are needed points of execution.

  • Direct to Consumer marketing

  • User experience

  • Unique launches

  • New business development and partnerships

  • Website engagement

  • Trade show and event management

  • On demand event packaging

  • PR and social coverage

  • Third party logistics

  • VIsual merchandising


Content Visualization

Having the right images is critical as the consumers experience more and more a digital version of your product. This may be the one and only format seen as a consumer makes a purchasing decision.

  • Creation of brand standard

  • Themes

  • Visual messaging

  • Social marketing

  • Catalog enhancement

  • Special events

  • Account specific marketing

  • Audience targeting

  • Automated content 


Line Support

Launch a new product line, license or category!

  • Product and market strategy

  • Product design and packaging

  • Photo Shoot and video creation

  • User Experience

  • Pricing analysis

  • Point of purchase 

  • Market and distribution analysis

  • Production efficiency

  • Quality control

  • Licensor and sponsor relations

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Retail Activation is a key part of a product success!

  • Experiential retail

  • Pop-up store management

  • Key account partnerships

  • Mass Market

  • Independent retailers

  • Toy stores

  • Grocery

  • Health and wellness

  • Airport and travel specialty

  • Sporting goods

  • Team retail

  • Hobby and Comic stores

  • Specialty retail

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Special Event and Pop-Up Opportunities

Special Events increase sales. The opportunity to create a fun time for consumers ties them further to your brand!

  • Experiential retail drives new sales

  • Bring your brand to fans

  • Showcase new fan items

  • Incremental growth

  • Fun interactive branding

  • Social media friendly

  • Photo shoot and video creation

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