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Sales Development and Hiring

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Certified Support

Ask yourself......

  • Are you getting all the sales you should be?

  • Are you hiring the right people?

  • Does your team have good Sales DNA?

  • Are your sales leaders giving them the direction and tools they need?

  • Are you gaining market share?

  • Are you getting new business?

  • Are your reps getting all of the margin that is possible?

  • What sales issues keep you up at night?


Hiring Great Salespeople

Link here to learn more about the FACTs that go into hiring for sales!

The Deal Breaker That Prevents you From Hiring a Great Salesperson

  • The science of fact based evaluation for new sales hire

  • Learn about each prospects Sales DNA, and how it may affect your team

  • Choose between ideal candidates who meet performance predictive criteria

  • Are you consistently hiring "A level" sales people?

  • Do you wish you were?

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Sales Development

Do you know the top 8 things that are critical for sales people to go from good to great? Link here to read more!

  • Are you a consultative sales organization?

  • Are your sales people asking difficult questions? 

  • Do they ask questions with a tone that is well received?

  • Are they getting the right answers?

  • Do you get the most market share?

  • Are they comfortable talking about money?

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Sales Process

Link here to read more about the importance of sales process.

Does your team have a sales process in place that delivers confidence, or confusion?


Do they pick the low hanging fruit or the whole tree? 

Cover all of the stages in a typical sale:

  • Suspect

  • Prospect

  • Qualified

  • Score


The OMG Program

Link here to learn a little more about OMG, our partner in sales development and candidate assessments!

What do you predict for your sales organization in 2020? 

Do you think our

  • consultative sales approach,

  • institutional knowledge,

  • data based fact finding,

  • and new hiring insights

can help you make 2020 the best year yet for your team?

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