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Licensor Support

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Hot Market Event Support

Timing is everything. Hot markets offer the most exciting fan experience, and a crush of new revenue opportunities!

  • Experienced assistance

  • Operational strategy

  • Maximum merchandising

  • Optimal store layout

  • Pricing strategy

  • Additional placements

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Special Event and Pop-Up Opportunities

Special Events increase sales. The opportunity to create a fun time for consumers ties them further to your brand!

  • Experiential retail drives new sales

  • Bring your brand to fans

  • Showcase new fan items

  • Incremental growth

  • Fun interactive branding

  • Social media friendly

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Licensee Support

Help your licensees garner the most success, quickly! 

  • Product and market strategy

  • Product design and packaging

  • Sales and Marketing

  • User Experience

  • Pricing analysis

  • Licensor reporting

  • New Business Development

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Team Retail

Retail Activation is a key part of branding, that consumers embrace to show their love of your teams

  • Visual merchandising

  • Product development

  • Technology

  • Operations

  • Analytics

  • Store design

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