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Our Story

John Franzini has held significant operating positions with industry retail giants Aramark and Levy during the past 30 years. John has experience in product development, store design, personnel training along with relationships with each of the professional sports leagues. Plus, John has opened more than 25 new stadiums and arenas for team retail operations.


“There are some concession companies operating for teams that aren’t always aligned with a common goal. There are many self-operated teams that don’t have the resources to optimize their own retail operations.”

—John Franzini , Founder and Merchant


WE are was born out of the need to elevate the fan experience while driving revenues by a company that will be a true partner to the licensed product industry. Drawing on their combined 70-plus years of industry experience that includes both buying and selling, Daryl McKay and John Franzini saw an opportunity to help clients/licensees navigate today’s challenging consumer product space.

Daryl McKay has been working with manufacturers, leagues, teams, and licensees for more than 40 years. Daryl knows the life cycle of product from inception to delivery as well as understands the impact of marketing, merchandising, and the impact that social media has on promotion. Daryl is also a certified partner in sales development and candidate assessment. 


“There’s a real need in our industry to bring experts together, on an as-needed basis, that would allow all types of organizations to achieve more without adding overhead.”

—Daryl McKay, Founder and Producer


WE are brings the very best of its founders’ experiences and strategic partners to its clients. This includes expertise in sales development, team retail, production, licensing, product development, financial management, customer experience, online marketing, direct-to-consumer sales, mass market and independent retailer sales, merchandising, special events, and more. 

WE are is a talented network of individuals available to our clients as needed to ensure a project is completed on plan, on time, and in scope.

WE are is named as a call to action, a positive declaration of our intent, and a definitive expectation our clients may have about our firm.

Tim Notaro has over 20 years of graphic design experience. Translating client needs and branding strategies into design strategies. Designing visual concepts; selecting colors, fonts, photographs, layouts and other design elements to communicate creative concepts. Tim’s background includes both print and digital design. Everything from start up companies to established brands, Tim can help create such things as Illustrations, mock-ups, logos, packaging designs, marketing materials, email blasts, social media campaigns, company branding, and websites.

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