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Product Line Support Performance Examples


Motive CBD

Collaborated on the launch of a new concept for the red-hot CBD space. Desire to create the "Gatorade" of brands for category.

  • Product ideation, design and packaging

  • Pricing analysis

  • Social media planning

  • Marketing creative and sales materials

Fenway and Hooper_edited.jpg

Fenway and Hooper

Unique Family Book with charitable tie-in to The Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber Cancer Institute and The Red Sox Foundation. 

  • Product pricing strategy

  • Market analysis

  • Visual merchandising

  • Selling materials

Treasure chest with logo_edited.jpg

Baseball Treasure

Two great hobbies come together - coin collection and baseball cards!

  • Created new products and packaging

  • Drove new revenues

  • Collaborated efforts with MLB and MLBPA



New to market company with unique value strategy

  • Creating company thematic and logos

  • Product line analysis 

  • Market analysis

  • Visual merchandising

  • Selling materials

  • Website creation

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