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Alien Pint Glasses.jpg

Alien Glasses

Brand new 16oz pint glasses from this horror film. 2 styles from which to chose -Ripley or Xenomorph. Individually boxed with Alien packaging

  • Product available now while supply lasts

  • MSRP $12 

  • Order in 4's 

Open PDF for linelist

High res image linked below


Aliens ReAction 2020

Each figure is 3.75" and comes with appropriate accessories. Custom cards made for each ReAction figure.

  • Monsters figures available now while supply lasts

  • Human Heroes available in early April

  • MSRP $18 (unless noted)

  • Order in 6's per figure

Open PDF for linelist

Super 7 Alien ReAction W2 Blind Box.jpg

Alien ReAction Blind Pack

The Alien 3.75-inch ReAction Figure Blind Box! Depending on which box is drawn for each order you will capture either the dwarf star, space dust, blood moon, or supernova variant Xenomorph figure!

This is a sealed box containing 12 blind boxes with a variant mix of 3 acid blood, 4 nebula nightmare, 4 rage, and 1 ghost Nostromo crew member.

  • Product available now

  • MSRP $12 ($144/disp)

  • Order in 12's per display

Open PDF for linelist

Super 7 Alien Super Soapie.jpg

Aliens Super Soapie

"At bath time, no one can hear you scream."Modeled after the classic 1960's bubble bath containers is the Alien Kane with Facehugger Super Soapie! This retro plastic bottle is the perfect accessory for toy shelf, desk, or bathtub.  The Super Soapie stands approximately 10" tall and holds approximately 15 oz of soap.Soap is included.

  • Product available now

  • MSRP $20

  • Order in 4's per monster


Open PDF for linelist


Halloween Buckets

Custom molded of top Alien  and Universal Monsters. 6 different Monsters from which to choose, complete with Trick or Treat handles! 7" approximate circumference and height.

  • Product available now

  • MSRP $20

  • Order in 8's per monster

Open PDF for linelist

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